It is a company whose purpose is to provide advice, management, and implementation of investments in all types of real estate businesses in the US and abroad, especially geared towards high net worth investors.


The company and its team have extensive experience and a broad knowledge in the study, promotion, management, and execution of all types of real estate businesses, as well as providing professional services, advice, and consulting related to the real estate sector. They provide advisory services in matters related to the search and control of investment opportunities, as well as the proper execution for the development of the real estate business, both in rental, development, and financing businesses.

In terms of asset types, the company draws on its experience in office, multifamily, warehouse, retail, student housing, senior suites, and hotel rental and development businesses, as well as condo sales developments.


The main services provided by the company to its investors are:

Investment Advisory

Advising in the search for investment opportunities related to entry into funds, companies, or other investment vehicles for direct or indirect investment in real estate businesses.

Partner Network Advisory

Advising in the search for managers or partners with whom to do or participate in real estate businesses.

Negotiation Advisory

Advising on matters related to financing and the development of the real estate business, generating commercial opportunities and advising on commercial policies in relation to them.

Structuring Advisory

Management for the subscription of the necessary documentation for entry into the different investment vehicles, according to formats, types, and procedures agreed upon by the parties.

Asset Purchase Advisory

For direct business transactions, carry out all types of actions and management aimed at securing the purchase, sale, or rental of properties owned by investors.

Investment Management

Commercial monitoring and control of investments and operations (legal review, capital calls, visits to assets, meetings with managers or partners, among others).

Participating in investment committees and/or boards on behalf of the investors, in the real estate projects in which they invest.

How It Works

Seaside seeks investment opportunities in funds, partnerships, or direct purchase of real estate businesses, and then manages and informs them of their performance.


Investment Sourcing

Seaside is responsible for presenting its investors with real estate investment opportunities that it may find.

Then, each investor decides in what to invest and how much capital they will allocate for it.



The investments are managed by Seaside executives, who are responsible for assisting the investors in all necessary meetings and visits, and managing capital calls, returns, and dividends that occur.



Seaside keeps investors informed of their various investments through reports and constant attention to any inquiries they may have.


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